Thank you to a man I have never met

I am so fascinated by the story behind the brand that is Millican, I would really like to share their brand and story with you…

Over the past few years, myself and my boyfriend have been getting outdoors more and more with our cameras. One of the places we love to visit (and never gets old), is the Lake District. We were in Keswick a couple of years ago, when we stumbled across the most striking back pack in the window of a walking shop.


Usually, what attracts me to a brand is the story behind it. I am a huge supporter of small, independent brands, and where possible I will buy from them. Millican’s story has got me hooked. The co-founders were inspired by the life choices made by a man called Millican Dalton.

“People are shutting their eyes to the foundations of the universe.”

Taking in the views and the emotions of being outdoors really helped me through a dark time in my life. I mention this because I feel Mr Dalton also felt how powerful the great outdoors can make you feel. It will always amaze me how being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and social media (which coincidently I now feel should be called “not so social media”), can make you feel like anything is possible. Dreams don’t seem to be so far away and your head becomes much clearer.

Millican Dalton

Millican Dalton, was just like you and I, he loved walking, exploring and being at one with nature. He hated the humdrum of regular Monday – Friday working. The difference with this man is that he did something about it. He left his job as an insurance clerk and for the hills he set. The Lake District called his name and off he went without looking back. Millican was very much a free-spirit. In the summer months he lived in a cave in the side of Castle Crag. He often took people on adventures; those of course who were lovers of the outdoors. The visitors would speak of how they felt relaxed and peaceful after spending time with him.

I think I would of liked to go on one of Millican’s adventures; After reading up on the man known as the “professor of adventure”, it’s certain anyone who enjoys exploring the great outdoors would of.

I am so in love with the Millican brand, everything about it is so awe-inspiring. If you would like to read more about Millican Dalton, here is a link you may be interested in.
A search for romance and freedom – Amazon

Where to find your Millican rucksack

The story. The product. The feeling.
Millican. Thank you,

Saucy Anchor ⚓️


The Ultimate Tenby Hideaway

Wanting to explore Pembrokeshire? Get yourself over to FBM …thank me later.

Back in November myself and A had our annual winter trip to Tenby. We usually stay in the Premier Inn because it’s cheap and cheerful. HOWEVER, me being the small business loving person I am, when I seen a fabulous little Instagram post by FBM holidays about The Lexden Garden Flat, I fell in love.

When I searched the FBM website I thought to myself, there is no way this will be available and if it is, it will be too expensive for a pre-Christmas break…

Oh how I was wrong. Available and absolutely bargacious! In fact cheaper than our usual stay in the Premier Inn. So of course we quickly booked online, easy peasy.

The Lexden Garden Flat

On arrival we didn’t know what to expect, as the Flat is actually a basement apartment. I was a bit concerned about it being cold and there being no windows. Again wrong!

When I hear A shouting “Oh My”, I know I had done well. See for yourself…

The whole place was decorated perfectly, the detail was amazing. I even fell in love with the door handle…and yes I did take a picture of these ↓ an idea that I have now robbed for our first home.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a very much needed (after a 4 hour drive) bottle of red and a lovely little post card from the owners John and Helen, welcoming us to their property.

This property is the perfect base camp for a good few nights in Tenby. The flat sleeps 2 and a well behaved pooch. The Lexden Garden Flat is located right in the heart of the town, with plenty of pubs and eateries within walking distance. I would highly recommend dining in The Lighthouse Kitchen, having a bev, snack and game in The Sandbar and Tap and doing a mini pub crawl in the Normandy, the Hope and Anchor, the Buccaneer and the Tenby House.

I am sure you will all be thrilled to know, there is Wifi available so you can update your Insta with some fab photos. Please do tag me in them @saucyanchor, I would love to see them…even if i do get sightly jealous.

Of course, as well as eating out you also have the option to eat in. The kitchen is fully kitted with glassware, plates and cutlery. Although, I must highlight that other than tea bags and sugar, you will need to take your own food and drink, including milk for your morning brew. We made use of this beautiful Santorini’esc kitchen on the first night. We had some delicious pizzas that we pre bought from Aldi.

Of course the question on everyones lips, is the bed comfy? Honest answer. Hell yes! And I love the fact that pretty much everything is John Lewis.


More pictures of the beautiful abode…

The whole process of booking with FBM is easy peasy lemon squeezy. You can browse through their many properties on the website and book your holiday online. I must tell you to follow their Instagram account to see the latest news, properties and any promotions they run. I must warn though, you will want to book a little trip every time you see a post.

The staff our lovely and the office is based literally 30 steps away from the Lexden Garden Flat, so if you have any issues or would like to bob in to say hi, you won’t have to go far. Speaking of not going too far, this flat has private access to the beach from the back door! Talk about a beach break. Why would you even think about going to the caribbean when you have the beaches of Tenby?

If I have twisted your arm to get yourself to Tenby this year, there is still loads of availability for the whole year for this property, although peak dates in the summer do tend to go pretty quickly. Please please please give this beautiful place a go and I promise you won’t be disappointed. There is also a special discount available at the moment, which means you have to at least head over to the FBM website to have a look.


Happy holidays and remember the beach rule…


With Love,
Saucy Anchor⚓️

Stand out from the crowd & buy small this Christmas

I am so passionate about small brands and I truly believe in the list below you will find at least one product that you or a loved one will love this Christmas. Each company name is a link to their website, so get browsing ♥

1. The North Pole Mail

Do you remember the magic of Christmas when you were little? The excitement you felt as you raced downstairs to open another window on your advent calendar. The warm fuzzy feeling you felt (I still feel), when a Christmas song is played on the radio. The magical atmosphere that seemed to be everywhere when you believed.

This small company started last year in 2016. Making thee most authentic and magical letters from Father Christmas, even I started to wonder. Nothing beats the look on a child’s face when they talk about Santa. Do you remember writing your wish list to Santa?


Follow the link to release the magic. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

2. Bloom Candles

I literally cannot mention this company enough. Olivia has done herself  mega proud with her sparkling candle company. Each and every product smells amazing and you just know they have been lovingly hand poured. Since starting my blog and Instagram, I have rambled on about Bloom candles a lot, but everyone who has taken my advice has not been disappointed. The winner of my Giveaway received two of the Bloom Candle wax bars and is now as obsessed as me (maybe not as obsessed).

Bloom Candles are also stocking limited edition Christmas scents, which are incredible! Head over to the site now and use discount code ‘Hello10’ to get 10% off your first order. With candle jars priced at £5.99, wax melt bars at £2.99 and beautiful diffusers at £7.99, you can hardly say no. They also lovely bundles, so if you can’t decide what scent to go for, you can get them all!


…Personal opinion…they are better than Yankee.

3. Martha Brook

I am very sad to say I don’t actually own a Martha Brook notebook…BUT it is on my Christmas list this year.

They design and sell thee most gorgeous stationary, cards and keepsakes. If you know someone who works in an office or perhaps someone who has their own little business, Love Give Ink have just launched a new desk calendar, which I think would make a perfect gift this Christmas. The best part is you can personalise everything!

This is my favourite↓


Head over to their website now to browse their entire collection.

4. Louymagroos

Another thing on my Christmas list! I really, really, really, really, really, want one of Laura’s pearl rings. I have underlined it three times so hopefully he takes the hint.


Taken from the Louy Magroos website, the perfect sentence to sum up why I have created this list…

We want the money we spend to go to honest companies…

I couldn’t agree more. I will have to let you know if I get the beautiful pearl ring!

5. Popaball

Popaball is my new fave thing. I simply can’t drink prosecco without a bit of shimmer now. Popaball are experts in making your drinks look and taste divine.

My friends and I used the Rose Gold shimmer in our prosecco when we went away for the weekend. It’s so pretty.

To me this is the most perfect little stocking filler for the ladies you buy for at Christmas, and it is something they can use on Christmas night. I have bought the new Raspberry Shimmer Balls as a stocking filler for my mum. She loves a prosecco. They have also started a new gin range, for all you gin lovers out there. The products you find on Popaball website can also be added to none alcoholic drinks, meaning everyone can enjoy the shimmer and popping flavours.

*Please drink responsibly. 

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A Cheshire Farm Shop To Visit This Winter.

The Hollies Farm Shop.

I absolutely LOVE this place. It is a lovely place to visit all year round however, during the Autumn/Winter the Hollies just looks incredibly magical. This Christmasy wonderland has it all.

The Gift Barn.

From candles to boozy gifts, you will find it hard to not buy something. There is something for everyone…if you like incredibly lovely things that is!

Everything is displayed beautifully. After visiting the Barn Gift Shop you will want to go home and put the tree up. Honestly, I haven’t done that but I did get excited for the Christmas countdown. Is it too early for the C word? No, fab I will carry on.

The Farm shop.

Being the Cheshire girl I am (sadly not Cornish but never mind), I absolutely love buying produce from farm shops, everything just tastes better.

Pumpkin galore.

You can’t compare the food from a farm shop to your local super market. The shopping experience is just so much nicer. Selecting your fresh fruit and veg and popping them into your wicker basket. As opposed to bumping trolleys down a busy Asda aisle trying to grab a loaf of bread with the best date on it. Okay, I know you can’t do your whole weekly shop in the farm shop but for your fruit, veg, meat, bread and lovingly baked goodies, there is nothing better than going to a farm shop, and the Hollies has got to be my favourite.

Of course we didn’t go home empty handed. It’s actually hard to choose what to have, which is why you simply have to keep returning to try something new.

If you live local to The Hollies or are out and about around the area, I highly recommend having a look around. They also have a coffee shop and a restaurant, which I am yet to try but it’s on my list. I will let you know what I think.

Happy farm shopping. Please do let me know your thoughts.

With Love,
Saucy Anchor

Top 3 reasons why Kernow stole my heart

1. Thee amazing coastline

Cornwall has thee most beautiful coastline, which you can explore on foot using the coastal path. You will embark on the most breathtaking views. I found myself completely lost and calmed, inside my own little bubble. All my worries seemed to just disappear.

From the coastal path to the beaches to the beach bars, this place is just perfect.

The day we walked the coastal path, we started at St.Agnes head and walked down to Chapel Porth beach and stopped for a coffee and then headed back up onto the coastal path, which then led us to Porthtowan beach where we inevitably stopped for an alcoholic beverage…and some insanely good chips.

After finishing our grub and meeting a little Boarder Terrier called Rosie, we headed back along the path. This path is never quiet, I suppose everyone loves it just as much as us. When we reached Chapel Porth, I got my towel out of my bag along with a drink each and we sat and watched a couple of surfers. I could watch surfers all day. I’ve promised myself that one day I’m getting in the water!


The beautiful yellow’s and pink’s look lovely, however look closely and you will find the worlds sharpest, pointiest bush things…they hurt, don’t sit on them like I did!

2. The incredible eateries, craft beers, ales and ciders

I am a huge lover of buying from small businesses and I can honestly say, I feel Cornwall is on my side with supporting the makers. From candles to Ales, I felt like Cornwall is proud of what it produces.

Whenever myself and A visit somewhere, we always like to try the local coffee shops and whilst in Cornwall we tried The Sorting Office in St. Agnes, after being recommended by A Local’s Guide to Cornwall (thank you again for this!). I have done a blog just on this amazing coffee house, please do go and check it out.

We also tried The Cornish Pizza Co. which I have to say was incredible. If you are staying around St.Agnes I would highly recommend this place. They have “Super Tuesday” where you can buy any two pizza’s for only £15!

A quick list of other places to visit, there are just too many to mention:

  • Johns off-licence (St Ives. This place sells every kind of alcoholic drink…Gin, Vodka, Cider, Ale…perfect).


3. The laid-back vibes

Put it this way, if you wanted to wear flip-flops in the snow,you can wear flip-flops in the snow. I just love it. It’s like a different world.

If this post doesn’t convince you that you need to get yourself onto Pure Cornwall website and book this as your next trip then you must be mad. Like seriously, go to see a Doctor because you must simply be insane. There is something for everyone here, dogs, children, couples, young and old. In my eyes it’s the place to be.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. It meant a lot writing it.

Happy Holiday booking,
With love, Saucy Anchor ⚓️

A Coffee Shop Not To Miss When In St.Agnes

Starbucks or an independent coffee shop? My answer, independent every time!


Nothing beats the feeling of helping out a normal person with a big dream – and nothing tastes better than a cuppa, lovingly made by someone who actually cares about how it tastes. The Sorting Office in the heart of St.Agnes, is quite small but very comfortable and cosy. This unique coffee shop has been converted from an old post office and sorting room to the ultimate coffee hideaway. They serve up the best locally sourced coffee, cold drinks and hand baked treats.


Today was a rainy day in Cornwall, and so A and I decided to head to The Sorting office for a couple of hot beverages, and then make our way back to the holiday home for an afternoon of reading and photo editing whilst listening to the rain. Coffee lover A, sampled a black Americano, whilst I went for a hot chocolate with all the trimmings. Both of which went down a treat!

I did spot a couple of people with their laptops out, and to be honest I couldn’t think of a better place to sit and work. Just have a look for yourself…

If you are in the area, give it a whirl. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Useful Information:

Address: Churchtown, Saint Agnes TR5 0ZN
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30am–4:30pm
Saturday 9:30am–4pm
Sunday 10am–2pm
Tuesday Closed

I must say the parking around this tiny village isn’t the greatest. You can either fight for a space on the road, or there is a FREE car park a little up the road (you don’t get much for free nowadays). Post Code – TR5 0TW.

Note: They do take out! The perfect excuse for a coffee whilst exploring the area.

*Please let me know if you take my advice and pop in for a hot cup of joyfulness. I do love knowing when I have helped a small business and when I have given people some good tips.

Happy caffeine drinking.

With Love,
Saucy Anchor ⚓️

Two places to tick off your “to see” list in one day – Cornwall

Just a fifteen minute drive between each of these iconic Cornish attractions, there is no excuse to not get out there and explore both of these sites.

Today me and A started off at the Minack Theatre. A fully functioning theatre that is built into a cliff face, above the Atlantic ocean. This is open all year round, with productions put on for all to see.


This place can get really busy, even mid-week, so it is best to get here early if you want to take some pictures without the whole Smith family staring in them.

The views are incredible, if you have a camera, take it! Although I must tell you that the pictures really don’t do this place justice.

There is a little cafe at the top with thee most stunning views of the water and a hidden, golden beach. The water here is an incredible Turquoise colour. I don’t think there was one person around who didn’t say “wow” when they peered over the edge.

One thing I must say is, my *Plum & Ashby tote bag done me proud today. I had my camera bag in there along with all the usual unnecessary stuff us girls carry with us, oh and I managed to squeeze my fluffy jacket in there. I really didn’t need that today, I am pretty sure I have burnt my cheeks a little. *If you like my super useful tote, check out the P&A online store, they stock some beautiful gifts (for yourself). This is another one of my favourite small UK brands!

After a little refuelling in the cafe we headed off to Lands End. A place I have longed to visit.



Britain’s most South-Westerly point.

Again this is a very popular tourist destination and so photographs without five other families in them, are hard to get. There are visitors from all around the world trying to get their own family photo album snaps, so I would try to get out early and avoid the mid-day rush.

With this area being so popular, I shouldn’t have been so shocked when I realised you had to pay to have a photograph with the iconic Lands End sign post. Of course I paid. You can’t go all that way and not have a picture with the sign. It’s a famous sign! {the family before us asked for the words #Sqaudgoals on theirs}…each to their own.


Personally, this area isn’t as pretty as Minack Theatre, but it is a place that I would urge you all to go and see. It was one on my bucket list…big fat satisfied ticket next to that one. And if you feel up to walking from the bottom to the top (Lands End to John O’Groats) then I won’t stop you. After all it’s only 874 miles.

Well then, what’s stopping you? Go and plan you visit…

Useful Information

Address: The Minack Theatre, Porthcurno, Penzance TR19 6JU
Address: Sennen TR19 7AA

Opening Times for Minack Theatre:
Daily 09:30am – 17:30pm
*Please check this before visiting, as if there is a play on, these times can change.

Opening Times for Lands End:
Daily 10:00am – 17:00pm

Entry Cost at Minack Theatre:
£5 per adult
15 and under £2.50
11 and under £0.50
Under 2’s FREE

Entry Cost at Land End: 
£6 for car park

There are toilets at both sites – Handy to know if you have children, elderly or a boyfriend with a weak bladder with you!

I hope you have a fabulous day exploring the end and the start.

With Love,
Saucy Anchor ⚓️